About Joya

In my design work and positions I’ve held with different organizations, I find that my career path is not straight up the ladder; instead, it’s made up of a broad range of environments, industries, responsibilities, and clients. I like to think it means a wide variety of experience that doesn’t fit neatly into the average job description, but has made me adaptable to many different roles with a solid set of skills laying the foundation, like these:
• creative direction
• project management and client service
• graphic design
• prepress, print contracting and management
• training and facilitation
• employee hiring and training
• business operations, administration, and
financial management
I’ve also been called a connector, an individual who builds relationships well, and a creative thinker who seeks out new challenges to improve and grow my team, company, and self. For many years I’ve successfully worked independently, and I very much enjoy working in a supportive team environment.
Joya Helmuth
South Bend, Indiana
Contact me at joya{at}sparksite.net

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